Welcome to phdthesis.nl

This is an independent website where researchers, who think that research should be available freely, can place their PhD thesis online. If you want to place your PhD thesis here, you can ask me to create an account using the contact form, and once you added your PhD. thesis, I can create an URI for you (I use this system to make sure that no fake PhD. theses are placed here, and because I need to create the personal URI's manually).

If you want to see which PhD theses are placed online currently, you can visit this page.

Why this website?
There exists other websites with archives of PhD. theses. The Netherlands has DAREnet, which provides access to PhD. theses and other Dutch scientific publications, and Maastricht University has their archive, where they place defended PhD. theses. So, why this website?

First of all, this is how I distribute my PhD. thesis (if you're looking for it, here it is). I have explained the reasons for this choice elsewhere, but they boil down to Sustainability (saving trees), Convenience and Availability/Open Access. So I needed a simple website to publish my PhD. on, and http://phdthesis.nl turned out to be free, so this is it. However, there are more reasons.

This site offers some features that the other sites lack. One is that these sites do not allow everybody to place their PhD. theses there. Another is that they do not offer certain features which I like, for example, the ability to place online seperate chapters, and to order theses by date of defense (see this page). A third is that they are both associated to an organisation, while this site is independent. Finally, this domain name is simply easier to remember, and the fact that I own this domain name and the website allows me to customize it over time as I see possibilities for improvement, and to create more simple uri's like http://phdthesis.nl/gjalt-jorn.

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