Repository for several PhD. theses

Author: Judith van der Waerden

Title: Exercise without Worries. Prevention of stress and depressive symptoms in women from disadvantaged communities

Details: Mental health is fundamental to overall health and wellbeing. When aiming to improve the mental health of the general population, a significant goal should be the reduction of mental health inequalities due to socioeconomic (SES) status. This dissertation explores the possibilities for the prevention of depressive symptoms in disadvantaged women, a vulnerable group at increased risk for this mental health problem. The first part of this thesis addresses the broader context of preventing depression in low-SESwomen. This involves questions such as: ‘Which women are most likely to benefit from participation in preventive activities’, ‘What steps should be undertaken to reach this target group’, and ‘What has already been done to reduce depression in this group?’ The second part of this dissertation presents studies on the implementation and evaluation of Exercise without Worries. The main goal of this intervention is to reduce stress and depressive symptoms in low-SES women living in disadvantaged neighborhoods by means of a combined psycho-education and exercise program.

Defense: Thursday, 8 September, 2011 12:00