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Author: Alvin Westmaas

Title: Finding ways to promote STI testing among the Afro-Caribbean community in the Netherlands

Details: Research has shown that each year more STI’s are found among the Afro-Caribbean community than among the other ethnic communities in the Netherlands. This may be caused by the travelling behaviour of this community to their country of origin, where they have unprotected sexual contact, and the by the fact that people in this community often have several partners. To prevent spreading early testing is important. Existing interventions to influence sexual behaviour appear not effective for the Afro-Caribbean community in the Netherlands.

This thesis describes a study into the determinants and underlying beliefs of STI testing among the Afro-Caribbean community in the Netherlands. The study has shown that the social environment (parents, relatives, friends) have a great influence on the personal motivation to be tested for STI. Interventions should therefore not so much focus on individual factors, but mostly on the influence of the social community. When people speak more openly about sexuality and encourage frequent testing, the negativity about testing would diminish.

Defense: Thursday, 18 April, 2013 12:00